About Me

I am a lifelong photographer. I bought my first Nikon - not my first camera -  in 1975 and had my first pictures in nationwide newspapers in 1976. The days I made money with photography are far behind me but I am still active as photographer when my day job allows this. My first love is sports photography, especially rowing. I am a former Olympian myself but no longer an active rower. I do triathlon these days.<br />
<br />
I plan to bring part of my archive on line and to add new projects as well.<br />
All gross revenue generated by this site will be donated to a Romanian NGO active in the field of eduction, income and health. <br />
Stefan Racila is not my real name.

I am a life long photographer and I remember buying my first Nikon in 1975. 

I participated in 2 world championships rowing and one Olympic Games and as former rower I like to photograph rowing and other sports. I also like nature and to document things happening around me. I don't row anymore but participate in triathlons now, just for fun.

I only sell licenses for personal use through this site. For commercial or editorial licenses, please contact me using the contact form. All gross proceeds, the amount you pay whenever you make a purchase, go to the Romanian United Way charity. I don't deduct any of my costs.You can find out more about this charity at www.unitedway.ro

Stefan Racila is not my real name, nothing mysterious, I just like to keep my photography somewhat separate from other aspect of my life.
Please don't hesitate to send me a message using the contact form using the link on the left in case you would like to know more .

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